The Opponent



Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 75*
Paper: 44.5” x 32.35”
Image: 40” x 26.75”

Roman Numeral Edition
Limited Edition of only 150
Paper: 32.5” x 23”
Image: 28.5” x 19”

There are any number of ways to evaluate this image, the “opponent” often being life itself, as what we have to face and overcome. Also, the fierce face of the unknown opponent that all of us can anticipate encountering at some point in our lives. Stallone painted this in preparation for writing and filming Rocky III as he wanted the main opponent in the movie (ultimately being Clubber Lang, memorably played by newcomer at the time, Mr. T) to be bold and frightening.


* An edition of a 105 total; 75, 10 AP’s, 10 PP’s, and 10 HC’s.

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