Collectors Edition
Limited Edition of 75*
Paper: 40” x 34”
Image: 36” x 30”

Roman Numeral Edition
Limited Edition of only 150
Paper: 22 x 25.5
Image: 18 x 21.5

The inspiration for this piece is the artist’s youngest daughter Scarlet (“Scar”). Her face is the focus of this work, however, there is so much more to be interpreted in the painting; “Life” and “Scar” both lend themselves to any number of theories and thoughts. Also, the “clock” in the lower left illustrates the “time in life” that the subject of the work is at (in this case, 3:00, just starting out). The overall themes include the transience of life, the “clock” that is always ticking, as well as the scars each of us accumulate along the way.


* An edition of a 105 total; 75, 10 AP’s, 10 PP’s, and 10 HC’s.

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